Got Questions?

I offer FREE Natural Pregnancy & Birth Consultations for expecting parents to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have about being pregnant, becoming a parent, giving birth naturally (or not), breastfeeding or caring for your newborn. Sessions are focused on your individual needs and questions and provide practical tips and advice, including herbal care, for a safe and wonderful birthing journey.

We can discuss anything you like, including those things not usually covered by childbirth education classes. It is up to you, all topics are on the table. Some things I’ve helped others with are:

  • Pregnancy tips and tools;
  • Birth Kits;
  • Tips on getting through Labor naturally;
  • Relaxation techniques;
  • Breathing for labor;
  • Unassisted births, what to know and prepare for;
  • Doulas and the role of Midwife/Doula at your birth;
  • Nipple preparation for breastfeeding;
  • Breastfeeding how to’s and common conditions…what to watch for;
  • Bottle Feeding and pumping;
  • Caring for your newborn in the days and weeks after your birth;
  • Herbs that are safe during pregnancy;
  • Herbs for labor & birth;
  • Herbs and homemade products to use in the care of your newborn;

The main focus is to address your worries and concerns and to put your mind at ease about giving birth, Get the individual care your need to prepare for the upcoming birth of your child.

These sessions are scheduled by appointment.

Contact me to schedule a time.