Closing the Womb

The Closing of the Womb is a way of honoring a woman’s completed journey through childbirth. It helps to physically and emotionally close their body after being open and vulnerable during pregnancy and birth. Many women often feel depleted, or emotional and restless, out of their body after giving birth and this is a ritual steeped in deep traditions throughout the world that help to ‘close’ the womb, deal with the feelings and emotions of giving birth.

Sometimes it is a celebration that ‘you did it!’ and sometimes there is letting go to do. Perhaps that dream birth didn’t manifest, perhaps there is sadness or guilt or anger associated with the birthing. A closing ceremony can help with this. Either in private sessions or shared with close family and friends, or open to all as a celebration when things did go the way you wanted and you are happy with the outcome. If the birth was a traumatic experience, then closing the womb is especially helpful in healing the path between body and soul.

During this sacred closing session, the focus is on warmth and womb healing through heat, baths and/or steams, wrapping the body, specific herbs and liniments, massaging the uterus, relaxation and visualization and rebozo techniques of sifting, hip squeezing, and alignment. All tools aimed at grounding the energy opened and released during birth. We go deep inside and heal those places that need healing and celebrate that which brings happiness.

It starts with a conversation to understand the specific need and craft the session and/or celebration to your needs and desires. Contact me to talk about planning a Closing the Womb ceremony or private session and what the options are. Depending on the need sessions run from $75-$225.