I’ve been teaching now for over 40 years. I like to provide practical how-to information that you can take with you and use in your daily lives. Most classes are taught by me, however, there are several classes throughout the year that are led by expert guest teachers.

I’ve recently moved to Bellingham WA and will miss being a regular guest teacher for California School of Herbal Studies, The Fall Gather, and the lively Northern California Women’s Symposium. In the past, I’ve taught classes at the Sonoma County Herbal Exchange, Bay Area Herbal Conference, Asilomar, Rosemary’s Garden, Moonrise Herbs, Sonoma County Herbal Festival, Heartwood Institute, Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, KPFA Radio plus numerous birthing & herbal events and conferences.

I look forward to meeting the WA herbal community and joining classes and activities around Whatcom County. Would love to connect with you!

I loved the style of your teaching. It is inclusive, feminine, and informative. I think everyone had a good time, I know that I did. It felt so good to sit in a circle with another sorority sister of birth. We are lucky to have you teaching. For me, hearing someone teach “from the garden and from the spirit” so to speak, is so nurturing. Having learned Chinese herbs in a totally academic setting was so difficult, abstract, and objective. I would rather learn 20 herbs thoroughly than 300 superficially.”~Raven Lang, January 2008


Hearts Open Wide: Midwives & Births
1987 Pam Wellish & Susan Root
Story of Homebirths in Rural & Mountainous Humboldt county. 

Hearts Open WideBecka is one of seven amazing midwives showcased in this book. She and the other midwives tell remarkable stories about birthing in rural Humboldt County and their calls to midwifery.

“Women of all ages will find these birth accounts moving and fascinating. The midwives are the models of courage and skill. ~Elizabeth Davis author of Heart and Hands: A Midwife’s Guide

“…Only in this book can you read about women giving birth NATURALLY, some in mountain homes with no electricity, running water, or flushing toilets, simply so their babies could have a decent birth outside of the controlling hospital setting. Only in this book can you hear stories such as the one of a woman delivering her baby in her V.W. bug…how awesome. True age-old midwifery is shown in this book and is a must-read to see all aspects of giving birth.” Amazon Books

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