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 ~ Wonderfully fragrant & soothing blends ~
Organically home-grown herbs and home-made oils. All products are tenderly hand-made with love and respect for our plant allies.

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salve2Blessingway’s Healing Salve 
2 oz
Currently unavailable until 2021

This salve is a skin wonder, it is great for all kinds of skin problems in babies, kids and adults. Diaper rash, cradle cap, eczema, skinned knees, bruises, chapped lips, dry or rough skin, so many uses!!  Made in limited supply with homegrown calendula, echinacea, rose pedals and the juice of plantain. Steeped by the sun in home-pressed grape seed and olive oils.  This sun soaked salve has soothed many and is extremely effective in helping to relieve discomfort.



YumYum! Organic Baby Powder
6 oz.
Currently unavailable until 2021

No poisons in this powder! Talc free and organic. Wonderfully gentle and helpful for babies and the elderly, for those with skin folds or who are bedridden and have bed sores.  Hand collected river clays, arrowroot, organic and non-GMO corn starch  and powdered herbs make this powder one of a kind! And…it feels absolutely wonderful on the skin after a good soak in the tub.


imgresLavender Essential Oil
Currently unavailable until 2021
Pure lavender

This is a very fine distilled essential oil made a home in limited quantities. The  Lavender is a wonderful scent for relaxing, purifying and calming. Wonderful in baths or add it to a spray bottle to infuse the room with refreshing scent.  Add it to a carrier oil for a wonderfully fragrant massage.


oilsOrganic Massage Oil
8 oz.
Infused Calendula & Lemon Verbena Oil
Currently unavailable until 2021

Herb infused Sweet Almond oil. Orange blossoms, Calendula and Lemon Verbena.

A wonderfully fragrant blend for a relaxing massage. Available in large quantities for massage therapists – if you are interested, send me a note.


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