Postponed due to COVID. All classes will return in 2021.

This workshop is for midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, pregnant couples, and those working in or interested in birthing. 

Register early, classes fill up fast! 

Are you a Midwife or Doula and wish you knew more about herbs that are helpful to pregnancy & birth?  Are you pregnant, or hoping to be, and wondering how you can safely use herbs during pregnancy? Many folks are looking for insights when it comes to herbs and what can be safely used during pregnancy and birth. In this workshop, you will learn about the plants that have been used by women in pregnancy & birth throughout generations.

We will cover using herbs in pregnancy and birth, from nourishing uterine tonics and herbs helpful for common discomforts to herbs that help ease labor pains, calm emotions, and aid in recovery.

Becka will share with you the wisdom she’s gained over the last 40-years as a homebirth midwife, and herbalist specializing in birth herbs.

Some of the topics we will cover:

Herbs for Pregnancy:

  • Preparing for Pregnancy, herbal helpers
  • What’s safe and what’s not – abortives to stay away from
  • Nutritious herbs for pregnancy, herbal vitamins & minerals
  • Herbs for common discomforts 
  • Common pregnancy blends
  • Bach Flowers & Essential oils
  • Herbal tips & tricks helpful during pregnancy

Herbs for Labor & Birth:

  • Preparing for Labor
  • Making an herbal Labor & Birth Kit
  • Herbs helpful in early labor, and when labor gets strong
  • Common labor conditions and how herbs can help
  • Easing cramps and pain
  • Relieving fears and alleviating stress
Many more topics will be covered, bring your questions!

Bring your own lunch.  Yummy iced teas will be provided.