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Online: Birth Herbs 6-Week Series
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Midwife Stories from Northern CaliforniaHearts Open Wide
Pam Wellish & Susan Root

“Women of all ages will find these birth accounts moving and fascinating. The midwives are the models of courage and skill. ~Elizabeth Davis author of Heart and Hands: A Midwife’s Guide

Becka is one of seven amazing midwives interviewed for this book. She and the other midwives tell remarkable stories about birthing and the call to midwifery.

“…Only in this book can you read about women giving birth NATURALLY, some in mountain homes with no electricity, running water or flushing toilets, simply so their babies could have a decent birth out side of the controlling hospital setting. Only in this book can you hear stories such as the one of a woman delivering her baby in her V.W. bug…how awesome. True age-old midwifery is shown in this book and is a must read to see all aspects of giving birth.” Amazon Books


From Blessingway’s Students

I loved the style of your teaching. It is inclusive, feminine, and informative. I think everyone had a good time, I know that I did. It felt so good to sit in a circle with another sorority sister of birth. We are lucky to have you teaching. For me, hearing someone teach “from the garden and from the spirit” so to speak, is so nurturing. Having learned Chinese herbs in a totally academic setting was so difficult, abstract, and objective. I would rather learn 20 herbs thoroughly than 300 superficially.”

~Raven Lang, January 2008

“In my 70+ years on the planet I never wanted to learn anything about herbs. Having a “black thumb” was one reason. Another was, I thought it was too complicated and beyond my ability to understand. Knowing you has taught me the foolishness of both those reasons. After taking your class in Monterey I was astonished to realize how very valuable these precious gifts from God are for my life. You taught me how easy it could be if I just learned a few simple rules. I found that I COULD indeed do it.

Your salve and powder have saved me from infections that had plagued me for years. I had tried OTC meds and even RXs from my doctor(s) but not one of those had the success that just a few applications of your salve has given me. Thank you so much for the gentle care that you’ve given my family. From the tiniest baby to the crone (that’s me), you have had a natural, effective way to deal with anything we’ve thrown at you. You are simply amazing! Looks like you have a wide variety of classes coming up. What a blessing to the world.”

~ CJ Shafer, March 2010

“Becka, I took one of your workshops and I wanted to let everyone know what a practical teacher you are. You know so many things about plants and how to use them and you show how simple it really is. I know there is a lot to learn but you make it easy to remember. You showed us how to make medicine right out of our kitchens. I thought it was so much more complicated. Thank YOU! I have been able to ward off my kids getting sick all the time from pre-school and keep my family healthy from some of the reciepes you shared with us. Great workshop (Medicine Making).”

~ Kim McKinney, Summer 2012

“Blessingway, that calendula cream we made in class really does work! It has completely healed my baby’s diaper rash!! Thank you so much! I save so much money making my own, and it is so easy. When back in California I will definitely plan to take another of your classes. Maybe with my kids this time!”

~ Jeannie Purnum, Fall 2014

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