April 2020 (date TBA)
Santa Rosa, CA

Class size limited to 12
Price: $35.00 (plus PayPal fee)

This class is open to doulas, midwives & anyone interested birthing and herbs, including couples who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

In this class, I will pass along the practical birthing tips and tricks I’ve gained midwifing and working with birth herbs over the last 40 years.

We will travel through pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and newborn care answering your questions and discussing the plants that are helpful in a variety of ways. We will cover as many topics as we can in 2 hours, potential topics  include:

  • Pregnancy – Herbs for common conditions, staying healthy & herbal nutrition. What plants to stay away from (abortives) and other tips & tricks that help during pregnancy.
  • Labor & Delivery – What to include, and how to prepare an herbal birth kit.
  • Helpful tips for L&D, including prevention of tears
  • Postpartum – Healing after birth, helpful herbs, closing the womb and other caregiving tips
  • Newborn – Caring for the newborn in the first week, when to use herbs and when not to

Payment coming soon

Cancelations made 7 days prior to class (from the start time of the class) will receive a full refund, if cancelation is made after this time class fee is forfeited.