Saturday March 28th, 2020
Santa Rosa, CA

Class size limited to 12

Price: $65.00 

Did you know??

There are herbal remedies you can easily make right out of your own kitchen – just like making soup!  When you make your own herbal products, you get the freshest, most natural and pure product available.  No preservatives and all organic.  Save yourself money, get the best quality and make your own!

Herbs for immune support and lung health: 

This class will focus on some of my favorite herbs to use to support my immune system and to ward off colds and flu by giving my lungs a boost. Mullein, Coltsfoot, Wild Cherry, Elderberry and more!   We will get to know the plants, discuss how to use them for lung and immune support and then I will demo how to make a simple syrup (Elderberry!) and we will start a batch of Fire Cider! Two great products during the change of the seasons or when smoke from the fires fills the air.

Come join in!