Women’s Herbal Symposium
Sept. 1-4th
Laytonville, CA

I’ll be teaching classes at the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium this Fall,  focused on birth and babies! Not sure which of these I’ll be doing just yet, it is to be determined (-;

The Sacred & The Practical: Herbs for Midwives and Moms
Aligning with the divine mysteries, the sacred and the practical, we will explore Sacred Birthing and the birthing of babies in ways that tap into the essence of divinity that is unique to each new being. We will mix that which is ethereal and sacred with that which is tangible and practical. All topics are interwoven with herb lore and practical wisdoms of the ages passed from one generation to the next. Within the workshop we will discuss sacred breathwork; aromatherapy for birth and babies; wisdom through visualization & relaxation; mindful birthing; and those herbs that are especially useful during pregnancy and birth.

The Blessingway Ceremony
The Traditional Blessingway ceremony is an ancient Navajo Ritual to celebrate a woman’s transition into motherhood, and the passing of motherhood from Grandmother to Mother to Daughter in the circle of life. Celebrating Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood, this class explores the traditional Blessingway and the herbs, the history and the purpose of the ceremony. We will discuss the Blessingway as a tool of birth, the sacred plants that are used in the ceremony, how to prepare & use them during the ceremony, and what the purpose for each herb within the ceremony represents. We will explore how to incorporate the ancient with the modern and adapt the Blessingway into our birthing culture as an alternative way to celebrate our pregnancies and births in the 21st century.

Herbs for Pregnancy, Birth and Newborn Care
This class focuses on herbs for pregnancy, birth and newborn care. We will explore the herbs that are especially useful in preparing for and during pregnancy, the herbs that are safe and those that are not, herbs helpful to common discomforts of pregnancy, labor and delivery helpers, herbs for postpartum care, herbs for breastfeeding and breast care in the first days after birth and herbs for the care of the newborn babe.

Herbal First Aid – Kits for Kids
This class is focused on building a first aid kit for kids (newborn to 10), although the kit is also useful for adults! The remedies taught in this class are useful to people of all ages. We will discuss how to make remedies for a variety of ailments. Some of topics we will cover are cuts & scrapes; burns; bug bites; bumps & bruises; rashes & skin ailments; fevers; tummy troubles; sleepless nights; and more as time allows!!