Held in Santa Rosa, CA

Dates TBD

This course is open to anyone interested in birthing and herbs, including couples who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

Several doulas and midwives, and pregnant mamas in the area have expressed interest in starting up an ongoing class. I am suggesting we start with a  6-week session that could continue into a 2nd 6-week session if there is interest to continue.

In this class I would pass along the tips and tricks and knowledge I’ve gained midwifing and working with birth herbs over the last 40 years, an apprentice program of sorts – only more loosely defined (-; We would all share that which we’ve learned and blend our skills together to uplift each and every one to our fullest potential to help others.

This course would start in the new year in January or February.  The class would be held weekly on a week night – probably a Tuesday or Thursday from 6-8 pm although that is flexible at the moment.

Cost would be $30/week ($180 total), you could pay all at once or in weekly increments (although you would be committing to the whole 6 weeks weather you make class or not).

If I get enough interest, I will set up payment options and send out an email to all those that have signed up.

If you would like to sign up (or are interested) please fill out the form below and include the following information

  • Please let me know if you are ‘signing up’, or if you are interested and what info you need to know to sign up
  • When the best time to start for you is (January or February)
  • The best weeknight for you (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)

6-Week Birthing Wisdom & Herbs Course: