Over the last 40 years I have shared my knowledge on Birth and Herbs through my classes and workshops with hundreds of women, doulas and midwives. I’ve written pages and pages of class materials, lectures and handouts focused on herbs and plants useful in pregnancy & birthing, with newborns and young children and for women’s health.  I’ve loved sharing this knowledge (and still do!) so I thought it might be time to collect all these bits of pages and put them into downloadable eBooks for you. I am currently in the middle of that process and hope you will visit back, or contact me, if you are interested in receiving one (or two) of these rare collections on all that have learned from plants and birthing over the years.

Birth Herbs | $5.00  (download coming soon)

Herbs for Kids | $5.00  (download coming soon)

Herbs for Pregnancy, Birth and Newborn Care | $5.00  (download coming soon)


This is a project I did about 10 years ago. It is a educational CD on Birth Herbs. Maternidad La Luz in El Paso and several other midwifery schools use this in the library for their students.

Birth Herbs CD | $40 (plus shipping & handling): To purchase contact me