I offer private childbirth education for expecting parents. We will discuss what you can expect during labor and birth, and the specific questions & concerns that you have about being pregnant, becoming a mother, becoming a father, giving birth and caring for your newborn.

These private sessions are focused on your individual needs and questions, providing practical tips and advice on your pregnancy, labor & birth, aftercare needs and the needs of your newborn.

We’ll discuss those things not usually covered by childbirth education classes including preparation for labor, relaxation techniques, breathing in labor & birth, breastfeeding (or bottle feeding), caring for your newborn in the days and weeks after your birth and much more…it is up to you. The main focus is to address your needs and questions individually, and prepare you for the upcoming birth of your new child.

These sessions are scheduled by appointment. Cost is $150/session. A one 2-hour session will give you about the same info you would get in a 6-week class.

Contact me to schedule a private session.